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Poetry Threads

Thanks to Michael Rosen for this simple yet effective poetry prompt!

Topic/focus: After Dark

3 Questions to prompt the poet within...

What can you see?
What can you hear?
What are you thinking?

And the result is thus!

(Whispered) After dark
(Whispered) After dark
A cat darts across the street
Car lights dance and dazzle
And bast take flight
(Whispered) After dark
(Whispered) After dark
Crickets sing
Owls hoot in the gathering gloom
Sirens wail in the city streets
(Whispered) After dark
(Whispered) After dark
Is my door securely locked?
Can ghosts squeeze down the chimney?
Is the moon shining brightly?
(Whispered) After dark
(Whispered) After dark

Synonym Poems

Try this as a simple word generating idea for poetry that is achievable! It involves using rhyming couplets and the construct of 'synonyms'

Bizarre, strange, and spooky thing
Any book by Stephen King!

Green Meanies
Spinach, beans and siverbeet
Three green vegies kids won't eat!

Wrathful Thoughts
Anger, vengeance,violent rage
Viper words scratched on a page