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Who Are You? - Poetry Connections To The World

Young poets can be assisted to make broader connection with the world around them.  They can seek an emotional attachment to their surroundings and find common ground to other entities. We are not separate from the world that surrounds us. If you look closely you will see part of yourself in everything else. Who are you at this moment? Right now! Who are you when you take off your mask?   I began this lesson by playing a song by the Swedish group, ‘Oh Laura.’ I first heard it used as a soundtrack to a car advertisement. I initially asked the class (Year 7) just to listen to the words, because we not only write with our eyes, we write with our ears. I played the song a second time and on this occasion I provided these young poets with a copy of the words. I asked them to discuss in their table group, the things they noticed about the writing. They talked of repetition. They mentioned the use of the pronoun ‘I’ and the connection the subject made to the world through the us