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POETRY FRIDAY -Poems From Three Islands

I have been a traveling poet of late. Exploring three islands in the Mediterranean region. Almost six weeks devoted to discovering and gathering on the islands of Capri, Sicily and Salina (part of the Aeolian island group).  With my trusty writer's notebook and camera, I made sure I soaked up as much detail as I could during my time in these special places. Snippets and snapshots were eagerly collected and raw words captured for later polishing...

Here are a few of  the many poems inspired by my time in these beautiful island settings.

A Night For Numbers
There were ten cats 
purring in the piazza this evening
Curled up 
Small, furry clumps shielded by the shadows of the oleander trees
Five Russian sailors sat in the ristorante
Thick necks all
Heads like dented buckets
Smoking, drinking
Inhaling their meals
At a nearby table
I sat with my wife
Silently sipping
a glass of sweet Malvasia

Morning on Salina

The birdsong begins early 
on Salina
-a soft light twittering
song floating down from the hinterla…