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Poetry Friday - 'Call The Roll' Poem

I have just lifted this poem from my notebook and revised it further before presenting it here. It was a poem that gradually developed over a couple weeks. I just kept adding to it as names came to mind. It is what one might call a work of 'faction.' A mix of fact and fiction. Anyway, here it is!
A list poem for Poetry Friday with a strong element of deliberate wordplay.  I laughed inwardly as I was composing it. Poetry as invention. Hope it makes you smile.

CALL THE ROLL In primary school
When my teacher marked the attendance roll each morning
She would call out our names
And we had to reply
Once, someone replied,
-and everyone rolled about laughing
Our teacher even smiled a little bit,
-but not much

I can still recall many of those names
Those faces of long ago
Personalities of the past
Our teacher calling on them to reply
As the roll was marked
They return to me once more
Ghosts from those classroom days

Ben Downe (A most flexible fellow)
Phillip Yagob (Always hungry, always…

Hey, Mr Poet -Poetry Friday Poetry

It's an enduring question for young writers -where do you get your ideas? they ask. 
Often believing there is something mystical to this aspect of the writing process. It's a secret they want you to share...
The truth is, ideas are everywhere. 
Always an interesting conversation to have with young writers where we discuss where ideas are to be found. The broad horizons of choice that actually exist quickly become apparent. It challenges the somewhat narrow concept of 'ideas.' 

The challenge for all of us who choose to write is to grow as explorers of the world. We must aim is to develop a broader view of the extensive possibilities at our disposal. That way we can eradicate that tired  old catch-cry- I can’t think of anything to write about...’ 
As a teacher/writer I aim to share the broad influences on my own writing. It is important to dispel the myth that writing only equates to stories. What are the territories you explore to excavate ideas? 
Ideas bubble up to the surfa…