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How To Become Addicted To Poetry

If you truly wish to become a more poetry friendly person, here are some ideas to bring about the changes to the way you value this aspect of literacy. The poet that dwells within will become apparent to your students (and your colleagues) over time. Students will hopefully come to view you as poetry's pal! If you are introducing the writing of poetry into your instructional  program consider the following ways to create the best conditions for poetry to prosper:
·Read poetry on a regular basis. A poem a day will assist you in developing your poetic character. It is said that before we can hope to write poetry, we need to read lots of this special writing form. ·Keep an anthology of poetry close by – at home and at work. ·Share poems that take your fancy with your students. ·Find a partner in poetry with whom to exchange poetry. ·Encourage your students to bring poetry into the classroom. ·Investigate metaphor, simile, alliteration, assonance until you feel comfortable with their presence…