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Poetry From The Search Zone - Reading Sneaker Look

Sneaker Look Poem
Today, I decided to read a poem. It's one I prepared a little earlier.

I share with you a poem from Seaching For Hen's Teeth- Poetry From The Search Zone. 

It's a poem about an old pair of sneakers... 

Egg Poem And Scrambled Thoughts

So only an egg head would write a poem about eggs you say. Well, I think it's all white ...That was just a yolk!  I think I'd better stop before my thoughts become scrambled. Here's a bit of word play. Can you guess what I had for lunch today?
Egbert was an all round good egg Sitting snugly in a supermarket carton All white All right And when the lid was down - Out of sight
But then his life became eggstremely EGGCITING...
He became an all round egg In an all round hand Bopped against a frying pan By a giant of a man
His head was dented His shell fragmented He oozed and wriggled He popped and cried He was flattened Flipped, - And finally fried He was bruised Abused And far from amused He was flat out in the pan, man EGGSACTLY!
Alan j Wright

Poetry of Place No2

I recently worked for a week in Darwin, a city situated in Australia’s Northern Territory. Located in the nation’s tropical north, the city was under the influence of the annual dry season. ‘You reach a point when you’ve had enough of the dust and everything turning to brown,’ someone told me as we drove out of the city, one morning.
Interestingly, a major focus of my work during that week with teachers and students, focused on poetry.
So, while staying in Darwin, the following poem emerged in my notebook. As poets, we are strongly influenced by place or setting. This is poetry of place. The words are influenced by my experiences and the comments of those I met during my stay.

Big Dry
I stand under the eaves Seeking salvation from the unrelenting sun. Disturbed by the hot wind Leaves with hues of dry straw, swirl at my feet Sounding faintly scratchy, Brittle. Dust scatters in puffs Rising Settling On every available surface.
An eagle hovers, Between the baked-earth land And the blazing sun Supreme aga…