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Wintery Words Poem In Spring

It is meant to be spring, but it still feels like winter! Winter refuses to leave. A lingering season, grinning at our discomfort. Hence, this little poem. Brrr...

Chilly Winds Out There
Winter grins
Chilly winds
Teeth are all a'chatter
Rug up tight
Fading light
Falling leaves
All scatter.
Winter grins
Chilly winds
Icy gales blow
Step around
Muddy ground
Everywhere I go.
Winter grins
Chilly winds
Clouds gather in a cluster
Lightning flashes
Thunder crashes
Tis' a menacing southerly buster.
Winter grins
Chilly winds
Race to beat the storm
Shut the door
Against the roar
Inside, safe and warm.

Fun With Word Pattern Poetry

Poets sometimes like to play around with structure and shape. And because it is #Poetry Friday, I decided to play around with some poetry structures. It was at this point I found myself aware of poetry's connection to mathematics. I began to think of a structure involving a word pattern that went:
First line -3 words Second line- 2 words Third line - 1 word Fourth line -1 word Fifth line - 2 words Sixth line - 3 words
So the pattern went like this: 3,2,1,1,2,3. The poem is dependent on word count per line, not syllables.
I'm really not sure what to call this poetic structure. Maybe, I could call them Flip Poems. If anybody has used this structure before and knows exactly what it is called, kindly let me know. My research has so far not turned up anything to suggest these poems have a given name.
Here are a couple of examples from my notebook.
In the morning Magpies carol Joyfully This Daily birdsong Warms my heart

The cruel wind Complains noisily Whoosh
Push Howling, screaming Blow hard, bully

When Smells Inspire Poets- Sandra's Lunch

Sometimes a poet can be inspired by a smell, an aroma. That smell can be sweet and cloying or it can be putrefying and decaying, like stinky shoes. The poet may have a nose attuned to noticing particular smells. Our senses are a wonderful thing to call upon when writing.
This poem is dedicated to all those stinkers who think it's cool to torture our nostrils with their foul smelling fishies in tins. If it smells that bad, surely it doesn't deserve to be eaten.
Just what lurks in Sandra's lunch? Munch and crunch! Munch and crunch! Just what lurks in Sandra's lunch? Do you want to know? I think I have certain hunch Just what lurks in Sandra's lunch I think I have a certain hunch Do you want to know? Well, yesterday was curried egg Curried egg Curried egg Yesterday was curried egg The day before salami The things you find in Sandra's lunch Are enough to drive you barmy! One day, her lunch I tell you true Was something green and runny too ... Something green and runn…