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Penny Palmer's Pink Pyjamas

I woke with an idea in my head. A bit of nonsense if you like. So I went with the feeling. This poem emerged in my notebook. This is the third version of it.   it gave me the chance to play with alliteration and rhyme... Hope you like it.

Penny Palmer’s Pink Pyjamas

Penny Palmer’s pink pyjamas Hung drying on the line Held in place by giant pegs Their pinkness, so divine
A substantial woman was Penny P. Her pyjamas quite immense They covered her from head to toe Which all made perfect sense
The morning breeze began to grow It formed into a gale Those huge pyjamas on the line Flipped and flopped and flailed
Penny Palmer’s pink pyjamas Lifted skywards in a flash And above her house they floated Gaudy and pink and brash
The neighbourhood was puzzled By pyjamas in the sky A sunset in the morning Had sent the day awry
Like floating blimps the top and tail Began drifting out to space Tumbling pink pyjamas Disappearing without trace

Penny P stood by her gate A ciggy in her paw She knew she’d never wear Those pink pyjamas …