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Poetry Friday -The Manchester Man

The Manchester Man

In my twenties
I sold manchester 
Irish linen
Quality towels 
Nifty napkins
I rose to become 
No. 5 best salesperson
In the whole of Australia
-for one week

The office staff
Tina and Marjorie
Charming and cheerful
Smiled broadly
Whenever I entered

Upon my resignation
They burst into tears
So I stood in the doorway
And sang loudly
Don’t cry for me Marge and Tina.

By way of explanation:
Manchester is a word commonly used throughout Australia to describe bedding, sheets, towels, pillowslips, table linen and similar items, yet this is not the case elsewhere. In fact, the use of the word Manchester is one said to be unique to Australia. During the 18th and 19th centuries, settlers in Australia needed to import bedding and other cotton goods from overseas.

In Great Britain, the Industrial Revolution was quickly turning Northern cities into productive zones. One of the cities most influenced by this up-turn in industry was Manchester. The sheer number of textile mills in Manchester led to a lar…

The Legend of The Spinach Gatherers -Poetry Friday

As a child I was told endless tale tales by adults. Tales of questionable feats and acts of daring-do. Sometimes these tales were designed to either scare me unnecessarily, or encourage some degree of modification in my behavior. I was told to watch out for elephants who enjoyed squashing badly behaved children and to be afraid of going near the creek because crocodiles lived there -when in fact nothing remotely life threatening lived in the local waterways.

 I further recall being told that green jelly was made from cow's hooves and that swallowing chewing gum could kill you. It would stick to your heart and you would die! It's amazing how such nonsensical stories stay with you. Well, I'm not too sure what the inspiration for this piece of contrived nonsense actually was, apart from a desire to have a bit of fun. 

You might consider some of the slightly doubtful things adults told you in order to get you to cooperate, or merely to scare you into complying with their wishes.…

Goodbye Eighteen Poem- Poetry Friday

A somewhat whimsical retrospective poem to mark my 2018...

Goodbye Eighteen

Last year
I failed to win the lottery
Wasn’t an award recipient
And I failed to repair anything of significance

Last year
I forget to cull my book collection
Didn’t spend a single night in Paris
And didn't compete in a marathon for the first time

Last year 
I chose not to watch Masterchef
I didn’t get around to cleaning out my office desk
And I failed to snap any selfies at famous landmarks

Last Year
I didn't eat a single snail
-Nor a married one for that matter
And yet again, I failed to find any joy in Trump's tweets

Last year
I still refused to like cats
Or anchovies
Or cats who like anchovies

Last year
Was similar to the year before
This year shapes up as being the same