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PRESS RELEASE- Searching for Hen's Teeth -poetry from the search zone


Alan J Wright provides poetry for wide audience with new book.
Searching For Hen’s Teeth’gives poet’s insight into life journey
MORNINGTON, Australia – Alan J Wright has been writing poetry since he was a teenager. He tells others, “Poetry is my oxygen.” In his new poetry collection, “Searching For Hen’s Teeth”(published by Balboa Press AU), he has brought together the variety of forms his poetry has taken over the years.
“This book is a collection of poetry aiming to celebrate the power of poetry to convey a myriad of emotions and ideas,” Wright says. “It serves as a practical example for teachers, librarians and parents that poetry is an ever-expanding genre and a powerful source of inspiration that deserves to be shared with children.”
Humor and irony appear throughout Wright’s poetry. He touches on the ideas of success and failure as individuals grow, both physically and emotionally. “Searching For Hen’s Teeth” represents Wright’s observations as he has journeyed throug…

Searching For Hen's Teeth-Poetry From the Search Zone!

It's Arrived!
My latest book has just been released, and I'm pleased to share this anthology of poetry with you. It contains a wide assortment of poems written across the years and includes a range of poetic forms. My target audience is kids from eight to eighty.

As the preview says:

'A collection of adventurous verse for young poetry lovers, these humorous and engaging poems exult everything from rats to rainbows. A giggle and hoot reading experience. Permission is hereby granted to smile and smirk through this extensive anthology of poems. Things never get better until they get verse!'

Searching For Hen's Teeth-poetry from the search zone is available through local bookshops, or on line through a range of outlets including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Booktopia, Angus and Robertson, Fishpond and Book Depository.

It is available as a paperback or an ebook, depending on your preference.

I'm hoping it quickly finds its way to the top of the poetry 'pecking order.&#…

Revising And Editing Poetic Pearls

To assist young poets to polish their raw words and transform them into poetic pearls  requires some scaffolded support.
I have created the following Revising and Editing checklists. Feel free to use them as a starting point with your student writers.
Remember writing poetry is about using powerful words in tight spaces. That way you are more likely to create some sparks!

My Revising Checklist For Poetry SKILL Student Teacher I have tried using repetition of words, sounds or phrases.

I have experimented with lines and white space.

I have read it aloud to see if the line breaks work for emphasis.

I have tried to use surprising language.

I have replaced ordinary words with stronger words.

Conversation Poem- Initials On A Pencil Case

I imagined this conversation between two boys and a chance observation... It's a variation on poems for two voices from the book,Joyful Noise: Poems for Two Voicesby Paul Fleischman. 

Initials On A Pencil Case

What’s that on your pencil case? Right there in the corner in tiny letters Does it say I heart JB? Does it really? Why? Why does it say I heart JB? I cant believe you would write that…
It’s not what you think It’s not what you think It’s something else Really it is
Oh sure it is I heart JB – why did you write that For everyone to see?
It’s about someone else
Someone else? Who?
Julietta Brocklesbee
Who is Julietta Brocklesbee?
A girl
Thanks for the clue, but seriously, who is she?
She’s a singer in a band
What band?
The Fishsticks
Julietta Brosklesbee is a singer in a band Called The Fishsticks. Never heard of them…
They’re a new band A very good band My favourite new band, if you must know
You know what?
You need to get a new pencil case. You need to get a new pencil case, really, really quickly.
Alan …

Poetry Inspired By Mentor Poets- Structure & Patterns

In my eternal quest for poetry mentor texts that will support the sometimes tentative writing efforts of emerging student poets (and their teachers), I came across this poem by John Rice. It was part of a collection ‘Poems to Perform: A Classic Collection Chosen by the Children's Laureate,’Julia Donaldson.

The poem has a simple repetitive structure that provides a safe scaffold for the less experience poet. Students immediately note the please do -please do not pattern and the way the poet finishes with a line that breaks the pattern, yet neatly ties the poet’s thoughts together. It’s as if he has an afterthought. They also noted the element of humour the poet had injected into the poem. For young poets, the presence of humour heightens engagement.

Instructions For Giants

Please do not step on swings parks, youth

clubs, cinemas and discos

Please flatten all schools

Please do not eat children, pop stars, TV

soap operas, kind grannies who give us 


Please feel free to gobble up dentis…

Autobiographical Poetry

An autobiographical poem. -An example of narrative poetry. I had lots of fun with line breaks, white space and repetition in this poem based on a life shaping event. Ah, life's lessons are great fodder for the poet.

The Last Deirdre
She was my shining light My immediate hope My heart leaping inspiration Yet, something didn't look quite right with this girl. I think it was her chocolate brown desert boots The ones she wore with blue school tunic which retreated from her kneecaps. The gum she chewed and twisted round her finger Passion beat fashion ...easily I dismissed this miscalculation In the interest of flirtation - For my heart's sake
I liked her smile I liked her walk, So confident. So easy. The way her friends followed her Back and forth Back and forth . Across the asphalt. She was Aphrodite in D.B's .- She was Mother Duck. Her name was Deirdre Not Diana, Delores...Desiree Names from my fantasy file This girl didn't look like a Deirdre was supposed to look She had none of my fantasy f…