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Cricket and Synonyms

The recent World Cricket Cup in Australia, prompted this poem that focuses on the game of cricket as the subject and enables the writer to make multiple use of synonyms within the structure of the poem.
All the kids Gathered in the park to play cricket Banger Barnes was batting WHACK!
The ball exploded from the bat High in the sky it flew Above the trees Away into the dazzling sunlight Out of the park And over the road It bounced beside Mrs Bradford’s cat Boofhead Then bounced again Before shattering Mr Stravlakis’s front window
Over in the park everyone froze Then…
Scotty scarpered Veronica vamoosed Davo decamped Skeeter skedaddled Abdul absconded Dominic dashed Betsy bolted Natalie nicked off Flynn flew the coop Wazza took to the woods And Banger Barnes hotfooted it home
When Mr. Stravlakis entered the park All the kids had split Game over Stumps…