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Springtime Musings Launch a POET

This week I had the privilege of talking to various groups of young writers as part of the Knox Network Literacy Festival. Their questions were thought provoking and most pertinent. 

As we have come to appreciate, each writer’s process is unique. Revealing that process enables the writer sharing aspects of their process (as well as other writers) to better understand the influences on their writing.
A young writer asked me, ‘When did you begin to be a poet?’ and while I talked about how the process of becoming a poet was something that grew across many years and a host of experiences and influences, there was perhaps one particular experience way back in my Grade 3 year that may well have been a catalyst for what has become a life source for my writing.

I recall clearly how my teacher Mr Manzie, asked the members of our class to each write a poem about Spring-time
My words that day caught the attention of some of my classmates, who liked the sound and shape of my poem. They suggested I …

Poetry Friday-The Chef and the Poet

Sometimes poets like to compare things. Often they write about the simple and familiar things of this world in order to alert the reader to new perspectives and possibilities. A thing that is familiar might be used to highlight a connection to something else...

And so, as I sat in my favourite Italian cafe, 'Il Piccolo,' writing in my notebook while sipping on a morning coffee, I began to ponder on the connection between the work of my friend, Joshua,  the chef and me, the poet. This is what emerged...

A poem for Joshua Noonan

The chef and the poet are makers The knife and the pen The tools of their creation Each held deftly in the hand
The chef adds a pinch of pepper to season the soup The poet adds a dash of word lightning to end the line
Each in their own way, Make splendid use of ingredients
-herbs and spices -rhythm and rhyme
Metaphor, simile Sage and thyme
Flavour and tang Infuse the mix Juicy verbs fraternize The source delights
Words spill across the page With deliberat…