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Friday Poetry- The Table Poem

'Sometimes the easiest way to start is not to try to ‘think something up but to write something down – and what better place to begin than with what is right in front of your eyes?'      Andy Griffiths, 'Once Upon A Slime.'

With these excellent words ringing in my ears, I did just that. I sat down at the table with my notebook and wrote this poem to celebrate it's existence. So in a way the table was both the subject of my poem and a facilitator. 

So my advice is sit still and take a look around you. There are so many potential ideas waiting to be discovered. They are hiding in the open!

The Kitchen Table

This table listens to our secret conversations
Revealing nothing
It watches babies grow
Eavesdrops on discussions
Heartbreaking and ridiculous
This table witnesses the emergence of wisdom
Through the years
Through interminable time
to and fro across its ever flat surface
Words weave and wander
Comfort and stir
This table silently acquires
Cuts and …

Poetry Friday -Trimeric Poems

Trimeric Poems
Today it gives me great pleasure to share a Trimeric Poem. A poetry form I have recently discovered. A poetry form I really like...

The poem begins to build seamlessly as you go, due to its expectation for the writer to repeat lines used in the first four line stanza in order to launch each subsequent three line stanza.  

The Trimeric poetry form was invented by Charles A. Stone, and the rules are quite straightforward :

A Trimeric poem consists of 4 stanzas
The first stanza has 4 lines
The other three stanzas have 3 lines each
The first line of each 3 line stanza is a refrain of the corresponding line in the first stanza (so 2nd stanza starts with the second line, third stanza starts with the third line, etc.)
No rules apply for line length, meter, or rhyme. I;ve coloured coded my poem so you can see how the structure has been informed.

I was born into a world of blotting paper Ink wells and fountain pens A left handed writer In a writing minefield
Ink wells and fountain pen…