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Searching For Sputnik Poem

Sometimes a single word can trigger a writing idea. Well, the word Sputnik did just that for me. This poem is based on historical fact. 

Searching the Sky For Sputnik
Sputnik Say it quickly Sounds like a wet sneeze Dog slobber wet Sputnik-
World’s first ever satellite Launched from Russia In the year 1957 Circling the earth Racing through outer space Visible in the night sky
A small boy In striped flannelette pyjamas Stands in his front yard On a cool October evening Staring up into the night sky Eyes searching the far away spaces For a moving light The light of Sputnik -And suddenly he sees it The flashing light of the satellite Orbiting the earth A man made wonder Zooming across the night sky Above his front yard Sputnik Sounds like a wet sneeze
If you say it quickly 

Alan j Wright