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Look At Me, Look At Me Poem

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Today I find myself looking at poetry as social commentary. 

Many aspects of our lives have been irreversibly changed through the tsunami like effect of the digital revolution. It has been a mixed bag to say the least. 

My poem is a satirical look at the phenomenon of 'selfies' and the advent of the selfie stick. 

Satire is the application of humour, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and/or criticize people's behaviour in the context of contemporary politics and topical issues. It is observational in nature. 

Look At Me, Look At Me

You’ve seen them I'm sure
With their selfie sticks
Their lofted totem
Clicks and clicks

Snap, snap, snap
What do you see?
In my selfie library
400 snaps of me, me, me

-Look at me, looking at me
Kissy face
Kissy face
Flout the pout
Flout the pout
Push out those luscious lips right out
Jump, pose 
Leap in the air
Take the shot of me, somewhere

Get my best side
Get it quick
Get it quickly that’s the trick
Gather round, all lean in
Magnet heads 
Smile, grin

How do I look in this?
And that?
And this too?

This is me at the Eiffel Tower
Get an eyeful 
The tower's there –somewhere 
This is me at the Pyramids
-My hair looks great, despite the heat
And the dust 
-the sand
This is me at the Taj- whatever
It’s a gorgeous shot of me and Trevor

And in every location
The same selection
It has to be my own reflection
-Again and again and again

This self-obsession
This new sensation
Just like Narcissus
It’s a pre-occupation

Aloft they hold that selfie stick
Another snap
Another click
Such adoration
What do they see?
Just themselves

Alan j Wright

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  1. So clever Alan. made me chuckle. I must confess to taking a few selfies (Salfies!) but I am amazed by how for many tourists the selfie seems more important than the actual experience.

    1. Thanks Sally. Glad it gave you a chuckle. There is a mountain of evidence from which to draw when writing about this subject.

  2. This reminds me of a trip to Europe I took with my niece's high school a couple of years ago.. I was so annoyed by the the excessive selfies -- and apparent lack of interest in the world/history/culture/day before them. Everything these days is about advertising oneself... grr.

    1. I find myself in fierce agreement with you Irene.

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed your poem, Alan, with its satirical side. "This self-obsession
    This new sensation" Wonderful!

    1. Thank you Carol. There was a perverse delight in highlighting this particular social dysfunction, I must admit.

  4. There is much to say, you've written it well, If you ever post a selfie, promise I won't tell! Ha! I enjoyed it all, Alan, & now you have me wondering who did take that first selfie & begin this. On a more somber note, the selfie phenomenon reminds me of the total "me, me, me" of our current leader. Though you may not follow the news as much as we do in the states, perhaps his obsession has rubbed off. The line, "This is me at the Taj- whatever", makes me especially sad.

    1. Pondering the first selfie...Hmm I, and most Australian are aghast at the current state of politics here at home and abroad Linda. I have always taken a keen interest in politics and during my six year living in the U.S. I experienced a Presidential election. I have therefore maintained an interest in such happenings. I am disturbed by your current leadership and direction as are many Americans, no doubt. There may well be an intersection between the growth of the 'me; phenomenon and the changing face of political life. In a global sense, I wish we had leaders who were driven more by principle and less by a need for power. Thanks for your insights.

    2. It's good to hear your perspective and that you've been 'here' during an election. Your wish is mine as well. And quite a large hope for change.

  5. I enjoyed several chuckles from your poem. On the other side, I loved receiving my daughter's selfies (or pics taken by friends) from her travels around England and Europe last semester. I loved seeing her against such different backdrops. I hope (and do think she did) take time to savor the experience and soak up the culture and history, too)

  6. Clever poem, Alan. "Magnet heads!" lol

    1. Thanks Molly. 'Magnet heads' is synonymous with selfies. Makes me laugh.


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