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More Rant Poetry

I started out to write a rant poem and ended up here. It's a mild rant about the way some songs end up as unwanted refrains annoying our brains...

The World is Full of Silly Songs

They say
Pop music is getting dumber
That it’s written for eight year olds
It’s simple
It’s dumb
With syrupy rhymes and grammar crimes
Lame lyrics
And little to ponder
Sound bubbles blown out
In monotonous tones

Well, I’m not a kid anymore
But I remember
Yummy, yummy, yummy I‘ve got love in my tummy
And I remember
Someone left the cake out in the rain and I don’t think that I can take it 
And I remember
My girl Lollipop, she makes my heart go giddy-up

Lame lyrics are not new
They crisscross time
These terrible tunes
Get stuck in our heads
Earworms bore into our brains
Snippets of irritating pop songs
On endless loops
Buzz like mosquitoes
An unbroken record
Bopping around in the brain

They say
Pop music is getting dumber
That it’s written for eight year-olds
It’s simple
It’s dumb
With syrupy rhymes and grammar crimes

Well, that’s pop music
It’s got sugar sprinkled through it
Saccharine sweet
On repeat

That’s the way my mama, mama likes it

Alan j Wright


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